KID'S ministry

We consider it a great privilege to be trusted with the care and spiritual guidance of our birth-5th graders! Fully acknowledging that spiritual nourishment begins in the home…we are a continuation of the parental efforts by partnering with them in providing Sunday school, special events and camps that not only create fun memories , but will also challenge and put the participants faith knowledge to work.


Bible Classes for Birth - 5th Grade
We use The Gospel Project curriculum, a chronological Christ-centered Bible study for kids, that examines how all Scripture gives testimony to Jesus Christ.

This Week's Teaching: Jesus Can Forgive Anyone

This Month's Memory Verse

Camps and Special Events:

We plan Day-of-Fun events throughout the year like bounce houses.
 Every Summer is camp for grades 3-5 at Lake Retreat.
We produce an annual Christmas Musical.

Our Curriculum

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